We believe you shouldn't have to pay excessive monthly fees for a simple service, no hassle fine tuned automated system to make your life simple.
For as low as £0.50 per user account

Flexible Pricing

Stop worrying about the cost of spotify, or how to supply your customers we're flexible for both customers & re-sellers.


£2.00* / Lifetime
  • 1 Branded Key
  • Unlimited replacements
  • Lifetime Spotify
  • API & Bot Support
  • Developer support
  • A / B Testing


£66* / Lifetime
  • 60 Whitelabel Keys
  • Unlimited replacements
  • Lifetime Spotify
  • API & Bot Support
  • Developer support
  • Re-seller Panel


£225* / Lifetime
  • 250 Whitelabel Keys
  • Unlimited replacements
  • Lifetime Spotify
  • API & Bot Support
  • Developer support
  • Re-seller Panel


£30/Lifetime Our Starter license offers a cheaper way to get started.
Includes everything in PRO, providing you with a total of 25 Keys. Purchase Plan

Lifetime Clarification  |   Our upgrades are valid for the Lifetime of Upgrader.cc not Spotify.com 

Features designed for you

Responsive Layout

Responsive on a Laptop, Computer or Phone upgrade designed to be used.

2400+ Sales

With more sales than anyone else, more stock than anyone else and a better system we challenge you to find somewhere better.

Re-seller Panel

AIO Place to keep track of keys, upgrades and replacements with no hassle and just 1 click.

User Friendly

Easy to navigate. Made with user experience in mind, in order to provide the perfect experience for you.


Built and maintained by reputable members from massive online communities, we are trusted to provide the best service.


Built with our users in mind for ultimate simplicity and ease of use, never be confused with a straight forward system.

Easy to use API

Our API is fully JSON responding, and fully capable of being used to make your own fully functional upgrader with no drawbacks.
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Upgrade Request
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Key List
        Example reply: 
        Failed replies: 
        {"status":"failure","message":"Failure Reason"}
        Success Reply: 
        {"status":"success","data":{"token":"Invitation Link","address":"Address","message":"Message if applies"}}
        {KEY} = Purchased key used to validate upgrade.
        {EMAIL} = Email used to receive the invite (Invite is not tied to this email and can be used on any account).
        {COUNTRYCODE} = Country for the upgrade, e.g United States would be "US"
        Failed replies: 
        {"status":"failure","message":"Failure Reason"}
        Success Reply: 
        {"status":"success","data":{"token":"Token Link","address":"Address","used_total":"Used Total","useable":True / False}}
        {KEY} = Purchased key used to validate upgrade.

Frequently asked questions

Have a presale question about our products and features? Or looking for a refund? We would love to hear what you concern is.

  • Simple and effiecently coded
  • Complete API & Whitelabel service
  • No hassle upgrades!

Lifetime, people often get confused with the meaning of this with our service.
Our spotify upgrades, are for the lifetime of the service Upgrader.cc
We will provide unlimited & free replacements for any downgrades during this time.

Spotify requires you to live in the same address as the Family Owner, this is why we provide you with the address
If the address says "Undefeined" this means you can enter anything and click accept
Forgot the address? Use our key look-up to retreive it -> Look-up

Replacements are handled seemlessly behind the scenes, if your ever downgraded simply use the same key again!
If it has been over 6+ Hours, and you are still unable to upgrade contact our support.

100% safe! we make sure of it, and no hassle for you seemless upgrade process and no logs kept
No need to use fake accounts!

Our API sports all the features of the upgrader.cc site!
You can implement into your own website, application and completely re-brand it to your liking.
With such a simple API, documentation and free support available it's never been more simple.

You can only change Spotify Family plans once per year.
To get by this you will need to create a new account the previous invite will still be valid if un-used.
If you want to move your playlist you can use our Backup feature.

Help & Support

Your issue is our main priority. Our 24/7 support team is here to help you.

[email protected]


We don't sleep so you can, we handle the accounts, upgrades and replacements.

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Re-selling without limits or restrictions make your own way and your own money.

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